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PotC 100 Icon Challenge

'cause we love pirates!

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Welcome to 100potc - A PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 100 ICON CHALLENGE ! Inspired by communities like icons100 and disney100, this 100 icon community is devoted to the PotC Movies.

In a 100 icon challenge, participants create 100 (or 50) icons of that subject to show their devotion to it.

Mod: shortyshag
Banner-Maker: fanart_1011




1. To participate, you must be a member of this community. Join here.

2. Go to the Claims Post to see if the subject you want to claim is free. Comment to that post with your claim.
Please type "I LOVE POTC ICONS" in the subject line of your claims comment so I know that you've read the rules. The same rule is essential for the waiting-list, too.

3. You must make 100 (or 50) icons of your subject following certain terms and themes. You do not have to put it all in just one batch——you can post them in smaller batches, like 4 or 5.

4. Once your claim has been accepted, you have two weeks from the day your claim is made to come up with ten or more icons for your first set.

5. Once you complete the set, comment at the Hall of Fame Post to get listed on the Hall of Fame for completing your set. You will receive a banner for your hard work and then someone else is free to take that set.

6. The maximum number of claims any participant can have at the same time is two. This means two different subjects.


1. Join the community before submitting your claim.

2. Please check the Claims List before posting a claim to make sure it is not already claimed.

3. When apply a claim in the claim- or waiting-post, please type in the phrase "I LOVE POTC ICONS" in the subject line of the comment.

4. When posting your icons, please do so in the following format:
Subject: {The claim you chose}
Set: {What set you're using}
Status: {How many icons you've completed total out of 100}
Additional Notes: {Credits, your rules, etc.}
Preview: {Place three icons in your preview, then lj-cut the post}

5. All subjects can give up to three different persons at the same time.


1. Make 100 (or 50) new icons. You may not use icons you have entered in icontests or posted somewhere else.

2. Please do not post bases——remember that this is an icon challenge. Textless icons are fine, as long as they aren’t simply bases.

3. Take your time and don’t rush. You will have 3 months to complete 100 icons of your approved subject. Please take your time and put some effort into your work. If you need an extension for your claim, just ask to the claims-post.

4. You do not have to post all your icons in one batch (smaller batches are okay, too), but once your set is complete, please link to all of the posts/batches (if you've more than one).

5. Once your claim has been accepted, you have two weeks from the day your claim is made to come up with ten or more icons for your first set.

6.If you do not update your claim in this 3 months without asking for an extension, I will consider it abandoned.

7. You must use the 50 themes listed below. You don’t have to have these words on the icons, but rather have a general theme.

SET #1:

1. Pirates 26. Red
2. Pistols 27. Green
3. Sword 28. Blue
4. Treasure 29. Textless
5. Ocean 30. Quote/Lyrical
6. Beach 31. Alone
7. Sky 32. Far Away
8. Ship 33. Beautiful
9. Captain 34. Sadness
10. Fight 35. Paradise
11. Friends 36. Love
12. Enemies 37. Hope
13. Family 38. Dark
14. Curse of the Black Pearl 39. Light
15. Dead Man's Chest 40. Faith
16. At World's End 41. Dream
17. Kiss 42. Anger
18. Forbidden 43. Passion
19. Betrayal 44. Sorrows
20. Brave 45. Happy/Funny
21. Dead 46. Silence
22. Eternity 47. Lost
23. Pirate King 48. Memories
24. The Monkey 49. Secrets
25. Black & White 50. Mystery

SET #2:

1. Curse 26. Royal Navy
2. Payback 27. Rum
3. Colorful 28. Homeless
4. Loyalty 29. Memories
5. Compass 30. Forgotten
6. Mutiny 31. Island
7. Pink 32. Tradition
8. Orange 33. Ice
9. Trio 34. Heaven
10. Black & White with red 35. Truth
11. Fear 36. Fire
12. Cropping 37. Sweet
13. Frame 38. Lying
14. Mirrored 39. Laughter
15. Texture 40. Hate
16. Brushes 41. Desire
17. Evil 42. Why
18. Shadows 43. Grey
19. Pain 44. Yellow
20. Tragic 45. Beginning
21. Silly 46. From Now On
22. Fate 47. Mine
23. Soul 48. Courage
24. Tortuga 49. Magical
25. Ugly 50. So close

For rules in detail: Look here.
You see the sets HERE, too.
If you see mistakes in sets, please let me know to to this entry!
Do you have suggestions to make a better set? Feel free to comment to this post :)

Do you want to affiliate with this community? Comment here.

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